Drones Trend: Online Pharmacy Delivery


MedExpress is in talks with health bosses about dispatching the medicines nationwide. An online pharmacy is planning to use drones to deliver the morning-after pill. It will be used for people living in remote areas. As Med-Express’s managing director said:

            “…people living in remote areas will benefit the most from this plan to dispatch drones to drop off contraceptive and medicines.” Dwayne D’Souza


Now, let’s have a review on this tech trend on drones and where it will lead us to new understandings.




“The rise of artificial intelligence, along with autonomous delivery and other sophisticated technologies, provides ample opportunity for businesses such as Med-Express to trial a range of convenient customer service options.” — Mr. D’Souza. People living in remote areas will benefit the most to dispatch drones to drop off medicines. The implementation could have actual long-term benefits to customers. For now, it feels like a solution looking for a problem into making sure that even people in the remotest areas have access to medication when they need it.




The downside is you’d still have to do an online consultation before you could get it. The delivery itself promises to be discreet. Keeping the medication at the right temperature, so it did not interfere with the effectiveness of the drug is also one of the downsides. Pharmacists have expressed concerns about the drone-based delivery of medications. Pharmacists somehow question whether the unmanned delivery is best for patient safety. Medical professionals stress the importance of users knowing how the drug works and its potential side effects.




One challenge MedExpress will face is delivering medication safely and at temperatures that do not interfere with the drugs’ effectiveness. It needs to be safe for individuals who are accessing those medicines to make sure they get the right one. But the morning after pill was successfully delivered by drone in Broadstairs, Kent, during a controlled trial. In the trial, the emergency contraception pill was carried at below 25C by a drone and successfully delivered in Broadstairs, Kent.


MedExpress has now filed an inquiry with The General Pharmaceutical Council. The approval may take some time, but the company hopes to launch the service as soon as possible. This will inevitably take time, and be possible. We only hopes for what’s BEST. It could not be as soon as possible but as possible as it is!

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