Top 5 Smartphone Document Scanner App


For all the talk about a “post-PC” world, most people use smartphones and tablets as additions to their existing technological accessories. What many users flop to recognize is that there are some ways to combine the capabilities of your PC and mobile device. This will make your tablet and smartphone an even more powerful tool. Now, let’s talk about how to use your smartphone as a document scanner. There are apps for all of these tasks, and if you know which the right ones to use you can greatly increase your mobile productivity.


# 1. JotNot Scanner Pro

If you’re using iOS and want something simple and inexpensive, MobiTech 3000’s free JotNot Scanner will get the job done. You use the app by either snapping a photo of your document or importing it from your photo library. The app does a pretty good job of edge detection by itself. For the best results, make sure that it’s lying flat, and ensure that you’re not taking the photo from an excessive angle.

# 2. Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable for iOS does a great job for iOS devices. The two work very well together if needed—your scans can then be saved as PDFs or images. As soon as you launch the app, you’re asked to get a document in the view. Scannable captures the paper in your life quickly and beautifully, transforming it into high-quality scans ready to save or share.


# 3. Google Cloud Print

On Android, your best option is Google Cloud Print. It lets you print from any app to any printer that is Google Cloud Print-compatible. Many new printers that offer Wi-Fi come with the functionality built-in. They can communicate with the web directly, which means they can also communicate with your phone directly, once both are linked to your Google account.


# 4. Scanbot for iOS

Scanbot is the best mobile scanner app for documents and QR codes. Create free, high-quality PDF or JPG scans with just one tap. Send files via email or as a fax. Upload them to iCloud Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote and other cloud services.


# 5. Dropbox

Dropbox is a creative collaboration space designed to reduce busywork, bring your files together in one central place, and safely sync them across all your devices—so you can access them anytime, anywhere. And sending large files is easy, even to people who don’t have a Dropbox account. Features like the doc scanner, shared folders, offline access, and more make collaborating with others simple.

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