The Future of Smart Earbuds: Top Three Innovations


Though not perfect, smart earbuds have been around for a while. Till now, the innovations are on-going, the buzz to create new ideas could soon be a change. Not only will you listen to your headphones, but future headphones will also listen to you. This is a surprising range of information and lets you manage your activities as your partner. We list down the top three innovations of what lies ahead for the future of smart earbuds.


Voice-enabled Assistants

The future of smart earbuds is closely linked with voice-enabled personal assistants which you can give commands to do your email, get news updates, perform search and get directions or even handle other tasks. Amazon’s Alexa has already shown us how voice can be a powerful interface to interact with web applications and the Internet of things. Hearables are extending the functionality of voice assistants outside of the home. This will enable hands-free, voice-first aspect of human-computer interaction that’s popular with smart speakers in the home, but in a mobile format. Some models also include gesture recognition; your easy nodding is a “yes” to answer the call or shaking your head is a “no” to decline. The hearables market is poised to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 45% through 2022, when 220 million hearables with support for voice assistants will be in use. The development of voice-assistant-enabled headphones is in full swing.


Smart earbuds Cellular Connectivity

Kaul predicted many smart earbuds could have cellular connectivity in two or three years. This will admittedly ideal companions for fitness and other activities like going for a night out and leaving your phone behind. Not only that, these smart earbuds can make calls, track your physical activity, play music and more, all without needing to have a separate smartphone or device nearby. Using Bluetooth technology, you can sync your smart earbuds with your smartphone, tablet, computer, and even your smart home system. When synced with your smartphone, you can answer calls, listen to messages, get updates on the weather or news, and stream music from the Internet.


Smart earbuds and Smart Watches  

There could also be combinations of smartwatches that connect to a smart earphone to enhance its capabilities. Oddly enough, the one accessory that doesn’t come bundled with your smartwatch is a pair of headphones or earbuds. Luckily, most smartwatches support a wireless connection to headphones through Bluetooth, just like your phone. Right now, the increasingly popular place for wearable tech to lie is through consumer’s ears. With a number of smart headphones and hearable start-ups, it starts entering the space.


People have always enjoyed listening to their music on-the-go. This is why hearables are the newest trend in wearable technology. It’s obvious the future of regular earbuds will undoubtedly take further.  

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