5 Best Printer Hacks You Needed to Know


Your printer could probably be the most sensitive working items in your office. Let’s face it, sometimes your printer gives you a headache and putting you in a stressful situation. Sometimes, leading you on questioning, “How do I get the best quality when it comes to my printer? How can I optimize my printer’s functionality?” –these are some common statements. When it comes to a printer, you could all use a little help, and we hear you. So here are some best hacks and tips you needed to know about the art of printing.



Clean your print head once a month. Remove the cartridge and clean the head with a little warm water, alcohol or tissues. After the head is completely dry, pop the cartridge back in, and it is good to go. There is also a service team who is one call away that will give you some guidance on doing so. But if you knew how the printer head cleaning process worked, you would be able to deal with the clogged or blocked printer head. This would allow you to save money in the long term.



When you notice your ink or cartridge is getting low, change it before it’s too late. Some serious damage to the printer comes when you run out of your printer ink completely dry. Most printers will warn you when ink levels are low


Printer Hacks #3: PAY ATTENTION

Don’t ignore maintenance lights and warnings. Your printer, copiers, and MFP has built-in diagnostics and will tell you when something is wrong. Let your service team know, have the first aid in taking care of your printer to get the best prints for a long time. Just call your service team, and they’re there for you.


Printer Hacks #4: FLICK THE SWITCH

Have you noticed that after using your printer all day, it’s hot! It is because when your printer is on, it is generating heat, which can dry out cartridges and ink, leading to clogged print heads. If the printer isn’t going to be used for a while, like overnight, just turn it off. You can also set your printer to a sleep mode that will allow it to power down after a certain amount of time without printing.


The easiest way to make sure your printer functions well, use it regularly to keep your print heads clean and clear. For ink printer, you can use at least several times a week just to make sure your ink doesn’t dry up.


Taking care of your printer gets the best prints for a long run. Having this printer hacks will extend the life of the printer as well as ensuring quality prints.

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