4 Printer Fun Facts that You Need to Know about


In a swift time, printers’ invention has making its ways for innovations. It became a crucial part of the operations of corporations and small home businesses. Printers now are making its mark for work and productivity.  However, like all inventions, facts about printers can be entertaining at the same time. Have a quick look at these 5 fun facts about printers to learn excitingly.


Fun Fact #1: Toner Melts at a Very Low Temperature

Toner particles actually have a very low melting point. Fuser rollers use temperatures exceeding 205 degrees Celsius to melt toner particles. It doesn’t require so much heat to do the task, in fact, toner particles’ melting point is low that you can most probably melt them with the heat in your hands. By just warm water, it can melt down your toner particles, so does the cold water.


Fun Fact #2: About 4 Litres of Oil Is Used To Manufacture a Printer Cartridge

Every printer cartridge you use in your printer represents around four litres of oil!

Every time you use a printer cartridge, you’re using about four litres of oil. That is why it is advisable reasons for you to use compatible or generic printer cartridges. Generic printer cartridges carry more ink which is why less oil.


Fun Fact #3: Laser Printers Use More Energy than Your Computer

You probably think that your laser printer consumes less power than your desktop computer, and then you’re wrong – this isn’t entirely true. A laser printer consumes about three times more power than a desktop computer. When it comes to their idle states, a desktop computer uses about five times more power than your laser printer.


Fun Fact #4: Fonts Used To Be Named After People Who Created Them

Did you know that the fonts you are using to your documents are actually named after their creators? That’s right, many of the font names you use used to be someone else’s name. So whatever fonts you are using, it corresponds to a person who made it. Amazing!


There you have it! The four fun facts about printers. This might be some, and there’s a lot more out there. Really, innovations are endless! So does the printer technology.

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