New Technology Innovations: Future of Drones


As everyone wishes to travel, we can’t deny the instances when we want to take a picture, not to mention to capture the landscape of the place. As with most modern technology, innovations in shaping the future flying camera is a unique way to capture great views. One of the most exciting developments in photography is the drone – high flying cameras that enable you to capture your subjects even up top. Drones change it all and photography are hitting its new heights. What you will read ahead is the current trends today and where are drones heading into.




One of the improvements of drones is the smart software. Features like safe return home are what hook the market. This feature allows the drone to keep track of its position from the take-off point and safely return to it automatically if anything happens. Also, smart features enable the drone to behave differently when flying, turning and maneuvering. Moreover, the drone can also be for filming. It can flight parameters and make for a far safer and far smoother flight. Additionally, another smart feature, which is not talked about, is Blind Flight. The drone helps scan its surroundings and detect obstacles and safely avoid them.




One of the massive issues to deal having the drone is the number of hardware restrictions. The biggest of which is the battery life and power restrictions. Especially if you are using your drone for image and video capture, too. Drone manufacturers are currently experimenting with different battery solutions. They are trying to design ways in which to obtain a bigger, more powerful battery. Other innovations for the drones are the storage. They will replace the small memory cards with dedicated solid state drives and expansion bays for increased storage space. Last but not least is the actual control input that drones come with. The controller itself will be undergoing massive transformations, which have already started to take place. Manufacturers are beginning to have a lot of controls spaced out and spread across it and its edges.




The major players in the drone market are now relatively common names in photography. The Kimon Drone, a flying selfie camera allows you to experience photography hitting at its new heights. This model has 250mm wheelbase, light weight at 500g only, and a built-in 12MP HD Camera 1080P video recording. It has a 360-degree circle flight having intelligent control harnessed by powerful APP features. Plus a multiple choice for a stunning colourful shell.

More drones are coming, and more companies are likely to battle for air superiority, an indication of the booming popularity of drone work.


We all wonder about the future. New models and prototypes; innovations coming along. Finally, the bigger picture is still to be discover. We can look at what the current trends are today and see the over-all direction drones are heading into.

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