In the Light of How Technology Changes our Nightlife


The evening rush hour! Lights are everywhere! Now, imagine yourself in the cities where all people are active at night. Evenings in cities fit into some having a nightlife, and technology can help you find a good night out. Evening life is different from usual morning set-up, there are lots of stories untold. So let’s have a review on how technology could make our night out more central.




Let’s begin with an app. We plan much of our lives with a smartphone. Increasingly our smartphones are becoming a valuable social tool, helping us make decisions about where we eat, drink and meet. Social media is the top of the list. Mobile apps like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare API and Zomato have influence customers to talk amongst themselves and make decisions on where to go based on other people’s opinions. Through social media people now have the will to update their night’s out. Their overall experience, wanting others to come and join. The interest of many can be the interest of all.




If you are fed up with the traditional night out at the cinema, virtual reality technology is the best option. It takes you to expereince what it feels likely inside a movie. The Void (vision of infinite dimensions) wants to take VR headsets to public spaces and create theme parks around them. THE VOID is a whole-body, fully immersive VR experience and full of surprises at every turn. Take your cinema night out to extra!






When going to a night out, there’s no way you won’t leave your gadgets behind. Of course, aside from your smart phones, there are also essentials gadgets that you must bring, one of those is your portable power bank (you don’t want a dead battery to incase). The Verbatim Powerbank takes you out with hassle-free. It has 2.1A dual output with 1.5A fast charging input that supports smartphones and tablets charging. It is truly reliable for a having a night out with your friends!



Having fun on a night out is central. On the day of going out, have fun! Enjoy the night! Enjoy the street lights! And enjoy the evening life; it is way too far different. Make sure you stay with the night, have your phone charged and ready, and make sure you have your keys, cash and any other essentials to hand when you need them. This is what you look into on how technology changes our nightlife.

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