Tech Guide on How to Fix Common Inkjet Printer Problems


Getting the best prints from your inkjet printer can be tricky. Your printer might warn you when ink levels are low, but other problems might hard to pinpoint and correct. But here’s what to look for and how to fix your common inkjet printer problems:


Common Problem # 1: “Prints contain white spots or horizontal lines.”

When you haven’t used your printer for some time, it may point to a clogged print head. Your prints may contain white spots or horizontal lines. The first thing you could do is clean the head by running the printer’s utility program. Try to access it from your Print & Fax system preference. Select your printer from the list, and click on Options & Supplies. In the resulting window, click on Utility. You may need to clean the head several times for best results. If you have a continuing problem with clogged heads, turning off your printer and not the power strip at night might be a big help. If you haven’t printed a colour image in a while, print a test sheet before printing a large file—it wastes less ink.


Common Problem # 2: “Prints have tiny puddles of ink.”

You may experience having print images look as if they’ve been printed on very fine sandpaper. This is called puddling! This problem often resulted when you select the wrong paper settings in the Print dialog box or even having a paper that isn’t designed for your printer. You could open the Print dialog box, switch to the print settings, and verify that you’ve chosen the correct paper stock from the list.


Common Problem # 3: “Prints images shadows lack details”

Having a problem with your images that are darker or lighter than expected? Your first line of defence should be to calibrate your monitor. Look for the gamma setting in your printer driver, make sure it matches the one you used to calibrate your monitor. Because of the way papers absorb ink, dark shades of grey may appear as solid black when printed. As a result, images with heavy areas of shadows lose detail and appear too dark.


These are some common printer problems that you might encounter along your work day but having the information about it makes a difference. We get to know our printer, we get to see the problem, and we get to know how to fix it.

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