4 Ways Dropbox Makes Saving Files Fun


Take a time travel trip with Dropbox. Dropbox keeps a complete version history of each file you have stored and edited online. It is incredibly useful for storing, sharing, and backing up files. But, you may be surprised to know, it can do a whole lot more than that. These are the four things you never knew you could do with Dropbox:


1. Save Interesting Articles

Number 1! Saving interesting articles. We tend to keep articles on online sites, but somehow we forget to return to them. With having Dropbox, it will let you saved what you’ve got photos, articles, and some files. You can keep your articles for later reading with Pocket onto Dropbox.


2. Save Space On Your Phone

Number 2! Saving your space on your phone. Dropbox’s photo app Carousel (free on iOS and Android) can quickly free up storage on your phone by detecting and deleting photos that are already safely uploaded. Worry no more with the “Not Enough Storage.” Download the Carousel app, and it will function in notifying you when your phone’s storage is nearing maximum capacity. Should you choose whether to delete the photos that have previously been backed up.


3. Get Reminded Of Great Flashback Photos

Number 3! Flashback photos. Love the idea of flashback photo and memory reminders? Aside from Facebook, the Dropbox photo app Carousel can help. You can relive your favourite old times’ photos, head into the settings and turn on the flashback feature. It will surface interesting photos taken around the same last year.


4. Create a Customized, Changing Homescreen Background

Last one, number 4! Create amazing desktop backgrounds. And cons, but one thing it’s great at Surfacing amazing desktop background images. If you’d love your computer’s background to be a constant source of inspiration, just head to your notebook’s settings and change the background image destination to [dropbox]/IFTTT/hotredditwallpaper/Desktop.jpg, and it will change periodically using this IFTTT recipe.


There you have it! One way of saving your storage, bring out your creativity, bring back memories and taking your reading into new ways. Take your travel with Dropbox and make this alternative storage app work for you. No more chasing and hunting for you! But another way to max up your storage to the next level and makes you wanna say “Wow”! Check out our EVO 128GB Class 10 Micro SDXC Card, and keep each memory safe and sound — and fresh as the day it happened.

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