The Drift of 2018 Colour of the Year has revealed


Ultra Violet has been announced as the Colour of the Year for 2018 by Pantone, the global authority on colour.The use of the colour often associated with mindfulness practices, gathering energies, and inspire connection. This could help people who seek refuge from today’s over-stimulated world and who need meditation. Aside from that, ultraviolet is a shade of purple that brings mystery and intrigue, power and passion. Now, let’s take a look into the lenses on what is the drift of this colour trending.


Fashion and Design

Mystical creatures such as unicorns and mermaid will somehow dominate fashion and home décor trends, and an interest in space exploration, too. Certainly, a reflection of hazy and cosmic drift. The Ultra Violet may takes centre stage in hotels’ interior spaces and design to attract travellers and have a great stay. It will also dominates the fashion trend. The vibe of 2018 has officially been set, inventive and bold. We are likely to see the ultra violet shade all over the runway, and interiors for the year to come. Colours really convey deep messages and meanings to people, this colour of the year can fascinated individuals. Designers and brands should certainly able to use colour to motivate and to inspire.


New Technologies

The trend now requires inventiveness and imagination. This year colour somehow associate the creativeness to inspire. Ultra Violet illuminates the way to explore new technologies, to artistic expression and spiritual reflection. All of these is yet to come!



Mindfulness is the idea of awareness. This, somehow, associates with the colour of the year. This theme is relevant as we look for ways to balance all of our activities, reduce stress and increase the moments of joy in our lives. Being mindful also talks in engaging our self the sense of ease and contentment. This translates into the home by means of simplification, and using colour to enhance living spaces.


So there you have it! Pantone colour of the year is a drift for 2018, setting trends in fashion, designs, interiors, technologies and more for the next twelve months. Thus it’s another way of looking at life and new horizons at everything.

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