Digital Printing: Inkjet vs Toner


Where do you invest next? You’ve been running out of toner for your printer, and now the growth of inkjet printer is getting its way. With both inkjet and toner in the market, you might be wondering are these technologies complementary or competitive? Digital printing (inkjet and toner) is projected to claim only 5.3% of total pages printed by 2020. The trend today, printer moves to digital and the offset print of inkjet and toner could take a difference. Now, let us try to understand how inkjet and toner plays an important matter in the marketplace.


Toner Printer: “Competitive”

The polyester powder can hold a static charge that grabs onto anything with an opposite charge. In these printers, a laser creates an electrostatic template of your desired images on a rotating metal drum, which has an electrical charge. Printer cartridges certainly vary in price, but in general, toner replacements are more expensive. In general, printers that use toner are much faster than those that use ink cartridges, and once again, it all goes back to functionality.


Inkjet Printer: “Complementary”

Inkjet printer technology is a bit easier to understand but no less innovative. As their name suggests, inkjet printers require ink cartridges. The liquid ink inside the cartridge is locked in an airtight foil compartment. Inkjet printers and replacement ink cartridges are initially cheaper than their laser and toner counterparts. Replacement of ink cartridges is more frequent and can be a good use for those who are not using the printer in their daily basis. Inkjet printers are rather slow in comparison. While there are high-quality inkjet printers that produce remarkably vivid photos, not all models are capable of such detail.



Basic knowledge of printer functionality is essential key. Finding the right replacement cartridges for a home or office printer can be a challenge. This is especially true when buyers do not know whether they need to look for toner or ink. Once the buyers realise the differences between ink cartridges and toner cartridges, they are not likely to get them mixed up again while shopping.

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