Cool Tech (2018): Digital Money, Facial Recognition, Mobile Phones


The future is almost now! The truth for every hit product or trend in years past, there have been oversights. And innovations always take place. To predict the future, one must not only consider what is trending now but also ponder what is missing. Tech innovation comes in many different forms.


Digital Money: “Cash in 2018”

Digital money was undoubtedly in the spotlight at the end of 2017, thanks to bitcoin’s meteoric rise. Bitcoin is just one of the popular alternations to traditional cash. One downside could be that these technologies aren’t quite as unnoticeable as people may think. But this digital money could be among the big trends to watch in 2018.


Facial Recognition: “The New Best ID”

The characteristics of one’s face also are unique –even though people w/ identical face. Facial recognition technology could become far more widespread in 2018. Rogers told TechNewsWorl:

“Facial Recognition is already here, behind the scenes in an increasing number of commercial and public spaces.”

He added, soon it will show up everywhere from cash registers and ATMs to home security systems.


Mobile Phones: “Smartphones even Smarter.”

The smartphone has become the universal device that is carried by almost everywhere. 2018 us the year of smartphone and does even more. Some developers invest effort into designing a product that combines the functionality of many smaller apps. It’s likely that an old buzzword could make a comeback.


Technology is truly innovative. The next big things will address the demands of consumers and make life even better.

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