Top 7 Factors to Consider When Buying New Drone


The future of drones is already making its way for the tech world. But before anything else here are the top 7 features that you need to put on your list before buying drones. We list down the following features you might to consider.


1. Camera Type

The major consideration of features for your drone is the camera type. Some models come with their camera while others will be needing like a GoPro that attached to them. It’s your choice which you ideally prefer a model that comes with its own built-in camera. Having a built-in camera is lighter than most other cameras, and they are often functional. You could also consider how many megapixels the drone camera has, the video resolution, angle-controlled and distance of the camera.


2. Controllable Range

The controllable range is essential. Knowing the range may be vital for few users. Typically, the more expensive models will have a further range available. Some works with a remote distance of 30m, this is the farthest you will be able to control the drone. The range that you can control the quadcopter is very important. Much only work with a remote distance of 30m. This is the farthest you will be able to control the drone.


3. Live Feed

Live feed is more expensive but worth every penny. The feed will go over Wi-Fi and can be transmitted to a variety of devices. But live feed is not available to all drones. The video is often stored on an SD Card or flash drive which means videos will be virtually impossible to take for professional purposes. Controllers that have an LCD display will often have a feed that is sent and allows you to see what the camera is capturing in real-time. If your main purpose is to take aerial videos at parties or of real estate, consider buying one with live feed drone. Also, there are apps for streaming and streaming may be available directly to your tablet, computer or smartphone. The benefit of it is that you can capture the video directly without the use of a USB transfer.


4. Battery Life

Battery life is one of the most important factors to consider. There are a few considerations pertaining to battery life, one is the charging time. How long will the battery take to charge once it has been depleted? Many models will take 2 hours to recharge. Second is, battery life, know how long your battery will last before purchasing. Some copters can fly for 6 minutes and others 12 minutes. The replacement batteries, if a battery is no longer holding a charge, replacement batteries are essential. Determine if replacement batteries are available and where you can purchase them.


5. Height and Speed

Height and speed will be a consideration. This is depending with your specific needs. If you have a drone that is meant for taking live-action video, you may need to reach a height of 300 feet or so to be able to capture the entire baseball field. However, if you are flying just for fun, 100 feet may suffice. Speed is also another consideration. Oftentimes, the speed of a drone will be 10 – 15 miles per hour. However, as stated before, you are confined to the range of your controller. Consider also the speed if you need to take video that is live action.


6. Design

Drone advancements are occurring fast. The high-end models have GPS capability, which allows the quadcopter to adjust for wind. Typically, quadcopter designs are most utilized, they allow for refined control and balance when flying. If you want a very smooth flight, you may want to choose a model that comes ready with GPS capability.


7. Replacement Options

Drone parts may need to be replaced or repaired. Some models will not allow for an easy replacement which will be useless if anything breaks. Instead, you want to make sure that you can buy adequate replacement parts that are easily installed. The most common replacements are gears that have worn in the propellers; propellers that have been damaged; batteries that have lost their ability to charge. You also consider what type of maintenance will be needed.

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