5 Power-saving Printer Tips that You Should Know


International Energy Agency reported that 7% of all energy was consumed by office equipment such as a printer, fax machines, and copiers; they continue to consume energy when it is not in use. See how energy you could save if you know this simple thing to conserve it. So now, we review some following tips that you can do in preserving your electricity usage and practicing energy efficiency in our everyday lives. Here are the five tips for power-saving printing:


Tip # 1: Switch On, Switch Off!

It is better if you have a printer that has a low-power mode, this helps you to cut your consumption. But regardless of that, you need to learn to switch on and switch off your printer devices whenever it is not in use. Designate a person in your office who is responsible for switching them off at the end of the day. You can also have all-in-one multifunction printers that can do both – scanner and copier functions. This will help you reduce the total amount of power used when compared to three separate machines. Consider having the Epson WorkForce Printer, and this is perfect for you! It stands alone for all your office needs; you can easily scan, copy, fax and make printing. Plus, imagine the energy you could save having this device in your office.


Tip # 2: Instant On!

Another thing with your printer has a feature “instant on.” You are not left waiting around each time with your devices to come out of sleep mode. These devices consume less power. The quicker time it start-up, more likely the easy you’ll switch it off when not in use.


Tip # 3: Cut Your Paper Consumption!

Save paper! Cut your paper consumption where you can. It takes ten times as much energy to produce a piece of paper, imagine that while wasting paper jam! If you found using duplex printing, then enable printing single-sided, it requires less energy. Think about the way you can make most efficient use of the page. Take advantage of smart technologies that help you print out content from websites and other sources efficiently, without wasting time and energy outputting blank sheets.


Tip # 4: Draft Mode!

Print in Draft! Draft mode cuts print times and reduces printer power consumption. Enable it for all internal correspondence, where presentation isn’t a major issue. You can also practice energy efficiency by aiming to decrease the power consumption of your inkjet printers or laser printers.


Tip # 5: Limit Color Usage!

Think carefully about colour. Colour pages can cost to your energy consumption, it requires more time and energy to print- so make sure you take a careful approach to the use of colour in your business. You can have print management software that enables you to control staff’s usage for colored printing.


Cut down on your energy bills by following these five tips for power-saving printing. We can do this through simple things that won’t disrupt our lives. This is one small step that you can easily take to lower your electricity bills, most especially save energy!

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