4 Tech Trends You’ll Be Talking About in 2018


Over the years, a lot of innovations has taken place. Right now, somehow it’s pretty easy to recognize trends that have the most significant potential impact but what lies ahead could be another story; we can’t predict it. No one can tell how the future will shake out. Nevertheless, let’s just enjoy the ride what have these innovations are taking us in 2018. Here are the tech trends that will somehow impact us in 2018.

 #1: Touchless Interface

Most of the gadgets depend on the kind of physical interface to work. This allows us to experience with our tech gadgets. However, this will somehow change in 2018, with a focus on the “touchless” interface. Other Virtual assistants have no longer rely on our thumbs and fingers like Siri, Amazon Alexa. About this year 2018, the touchless interface will move us far beyond the tap and swipe.

#2: End of Smartphone

Crazy as it sounds! Our smartphone ideally aids us to stay connected in many ways. The idea of it might be more appropriate now to call them intelligent phones in 2018, although it may still be called a smartphone. The smart devices of the future will be truly intelligent, in turn making them inherently more useful. Mobile processors are coming that are built to handle A.I. technology. Digital assistants will be the talking of the year. It is much more useful they will be able to anticipate your needs before you even ask.

#3: The Year of the Bots

Yes, you’ve heard it right! It’s the year of bots, and new technologies will eventually bloom this year. Somehow, we all have gotten used to speaking with bots. Home bots will do more than just respond to requests, to being able to provide timely information to us. Bots is always at ready and by our side. Businesses will likely spend more on creating chatbots in 2018 than to better serve their customers. The host of issues includes cybersecurity, government regulation, and consumers’ skills to adapt and accept change. This could be the era of endless innovation.

#4: Over-the-air Wireless Charger

Over-the-air wireless charging gets real! Many flagship phones these days charge wirelessly with the help of the Qi-compatible charging mat with a wire that goes from it to an outlet. So the big deal is like getting an order over the air. Energous has just received approval from the Federal Communications Commission for its Watt Up Mid Field transmitter, which sends RF-based power to devices at a distance of 3 feet. It’s a start! And how it ends will find its way into everything. This also goes on smartwatches to wireless keyboards and smart speakers.

There’s always room for the future to unfold unpredictably. As timely as I believe these tech trends that in 2018 will be talking about will look very different from today and in the future.

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